Van Welie pattern collection: New site design

Van Welie is well known for his great collections of usability patterns including web patterns and a few for mobile platforms. Now he has updated his website:

Patterns in Interaction Design

An interesting fact: He dropped the previous distinction between UI platforms. This is consequent, because with the raise of Web 2.0 and increasingly powerful mobile platforms the constraint differences between platforms diminish.

Instead van Welie chose to arrange patterns on three primary levels:

  • User needs patterns cover many aspects of the basic interaction (like navigation, data input etc.)
  • Application needs is a little unclear at first. But I guess this covers those problems that primarily address design forces (i.e. constraints).
  • Finally, Context patterns present solutions regarding user requirements and business goals.

Personally, I don’t like the unspecific notion of context. I’d rather prefer to call the latter Use  and Business patterns. Or requirements patterns.

But, anyhow, thanks for activily maintaining this useful source of usability knowledge.


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