Shock: My Nikon got its feet wet

On saturday we went on a first hiking excursion in the Bavarian forrest (the Lusen, ~1360m). I made some nice shots of the dying forrest at the south east mountain side. When we lunched at the Lusen hut with an incredible shock I noticed that my water bag had dripped and water had already entered my camera (Nikon D80). Fog was visible at the display and inside the viewer. Immediatly I removed the battery. Back at home I stored the camera and the lense at a sunny warm place. Both were open but covered with a black sleave. Today everything seems to be fine again. After carefully cleaning the body inside and the lense with a brush and a Rocket Air.
So branded I’m looking for a holster bag that is really waterproof. I think I’m going for a Ortlieb Aqua Zoom. Ortlieb gear usually is tough, absolutely waterproof and reasonable light. Also they provide a four point strap to fix the camera on your belly. Must be great for outdoor activities…


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  1. eva on

    Hey Martin,
    I hope there will be no late damages on your Nikon! I like how you do you fotos and would love to see more of them!

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